eLearning Week: 11-13 August 2010

The E-Learning Week provides students with the opportunity to manage their own learning, through a mixture of self-directed and collaborative activities online.

  • During the E-Learning week, students will not report to school.

  • Learning activities for various academic subjects will be released daily via the students' Google Login Site.

  • The tasks of the day will be made available in the morning by 8 am. Tasks scheduled in the afternoon will be made available from 12.30 pm onwards.

Overview of eLearning Timetable

11 August 2010 (Wednesday)

  • [AM] Mother Tongue Languages
  • [AM] Science

12 August 2010 (Thursday)

  • [AM] Sports and Wellness
  • [AM] Art, Design, Media & Technology
  • [PM] English Language

13 August 2010 (Friday)

  • [AM] Integrated Humanities
  • [AM] Mathematics

More information pertaining the nature of tasks would be made available in the Parents' Blog as well as a the students' Google Login site.