Safety Matters: Road Hump at Exit of School Gate

In the past couple of months, we have received feedback from both parents and staff about people driving dangerously fast when coming out of the school: the situation becomes dangerous when there are cars turning into the school compound and/or students crossing at the front gate. Apparently these cars belong to parents who drop off their kids and are rushing to their next stop.

To alleviate the situation and prevent accidents from happening, the school has set up a road hump at the school gate, just before the exit point. The purpose of the hump is to slow down vehicles which are making an exit from the school.

We will also be painting a "SLOW" sign on the car-park area approaching the hump to remind drivers of its existence. In the mean time, please be reminded that the hump is at the slope and please continue to drive carefully in the school compound at all times.

Thank You.