Lost and Found Services

The Lost and Found Cupboard located at the school canteen displays items found within the school compound.

To claim a lost item, please proceed to General Office during recess or after school. Please claim only what is yours. For items not displayed in the cupboard please approach the General Office for assistance.

1. The Lost and Found cupboard will store 'lost and found' items for a period of ONE month on;y (with an exception for items that do not have a long shelf-life).
2. If the rightful owners fail or neglect to claim any items within the aforesaid ONE-month period, the School at its absolute discretion, shall be entitled to use, retain or dispose of the items as the School deems fit.

In any event, neither the School nor its staff shall be liable or accountable to anyone in any way for the place, methods and/or lengthof storage and/or the use, retention and/or disposal of nay of the items.

Please take good care of your personal belongings. You are strongly encouraged to label your belongings with your names for easy identification.