2011, 7 Jan: Auditions for Speech Day Concert

Students interested in being involved in a choreographed dance item or would like to play an instrument or sing for our inaugural Speech Day Concert on 11 March, please come for a discussion and short audition next Tuesday.
  • Dance At the moment, the music we are considering using for the dance item is Usher’s  ‘DJ got us falling in love’.  You can dance to any piece of music for the audition or just dance without.
  • Song Choose your own song to sing
  • Instrument Preferably a portable instrument but there is also a piano in the school hall
  • Day/Date:  Tuesday 11 of January 2011
  • Venue: Learning Oasis, Level 2
  • Time: 1.40 pm to 4 pm
    • Briefing will take place from 1.40 pm to 1.50 pm 
  • Teacher i/c  Ms Patricia Ng (ext 215)
*Note: you may not need to stay through the 2 1/2 hrs. You may leave after you have auditioned.